Equus Capital Management LLC acts as the managing partner of a real estate and hospitality investment fund headquartered in San Francisco, California, founded as an alternative asset management firm committed to delivering uncompromising investment opportunities and long term value creation in commercial real estate, hospitality and leisure. The fund's investment objective is to acquire opportunistic and value-added commercial real estate, mixed-use and hospitality properties and invest in related debt and equity backed by commercial real estate, creating value enhancement through repositioning, developing, or management operation and controls that are likely to increase in value over the investment holding period, thus providing our partners with high risk-adjusted returns.

We strive to acquire assets in markets and submarkets, both domestically in the United States and outside. Our investment philosophy and disciplined investment research and processes are at the core of our values. The firm focuses on areas where it has core competency to do thorough research and analytics and has demonstrated expertise and operating experience to create value. Our foundations are in the real estate and hospitality and leisure markets.